UPDATE Frogs’ Dennis Flemion R.I.P.


UPDATE 7-12: Rescue crews recovered Flemion’s body in 42-foot deep water on Tuesday. 



Was beloved by the
grunge generation and also played with the Smashing Pumpkins.


By Fred Mills


Dennis Flemion, who reached notoriety in the ‘80s and ‘90s
as one-half (along with his brother Jimmy) of Wisconsin
provocateur rockers The Frogs reportedly has died at the age of 57. A short
news item in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that Flemion
had been boating and swimming Saturday, and after going out for a swim did not
return; he is presumed dead but is still classified as “missing” as of this
writing because rescue workers have not located his body yet. (Via Pitchfork.)


Yesterday Matador Records’ Gerard Cosloy wrote about Flemion
on the Matablog, saying, “Dennis was without question,
one of the funniest persons I’ve ever encountered. Painfully so.  It would
not be an exaggeration to say there were several times in which his verbal
evisceration chops were almost impossible to keep up with (those who’ve
attended Frogs shows over the years know exactly what I’m talking
about). I hope he’s remembered as a really sweet guy first, and a hugely
talented artist second.”


The two Flemions launched the Frogs in Madison in 1980 and
gained prominence as satirical rockers that often employed elements of
race-baiting, religion-bashing and homophilia (particularly if you consider the title of their classic album from 1989: It’s Only Right and Natural). Both of
Cosloy’s labels, Homestead and Matador, championed the band, as did numerous
underground and aboveground musicians; Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and Pearl Jam’s
Eddie Vedder were fans. And Dennis Flemion also gained fame as a sideman,
notably with the Smashing Pumpkins, for whom he played keyboards.

According to Wikipedia the Frogs are to release two albums this year: “titles
are Count Yer Blessingsz and Squirrel Bunny Jupiter Deluxe, and
set to be released in 2012, digitally.


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