Superchunk’s Wurster Is NBC/CNN Star


Just don’t go on the
Glenn Beck show, bro…


By Perez Mills


BLURT hero and all-around bon-vivant Jon Wurster, of
Superchunk/Mountain Goats/Scharpling & Wurster fame, was on a NY-to-NC flight the
other day that was fraught with what media pundits call “an incident.”
Specifically, that “incident” in which the runway-stranded airplane descended
into turmoil (so to speak) after an agitated flight attendant got all
with equally-agitated passengers.


Wurster tweeted about his experience as a passenger on the
flight, and soon enough, the media – including CNN (see the CNN story ) and the Today show – came a-calling. The video below (via Triangle Music) is worth a million
bucks in promotional swag, of course; if the right people spot it, perhaps
BLURT’s longtime desire to see Wurster with his own cable show will finally be


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