Spin Magazine to Fold?


Scenario floated
whereby it “migrates online.” The good news: Kim Kardashian might finally get
that Spin cover she’s been coveting.


By Fred Mills


Longtime readers of Spin who have been perplexed, of late, by the music magazine stalwart’s recent
forays into faux-Andy Warhol’s Interview
-dom (translation: short, incomprehensible music features bookended
by endless pages of some art director’s idea of fashion layouts, plus an
oversized, expensive cover format) while relying on the brand name for
rapidly-dwindling circulation stats, were still shocked yesterday to learn that
the 1985-founded publication had let go most of its employees and will be going
on hiatus.


According to the New York Times:


“Two weeks after its takeover
by an online media company
, Spin magazine’s future as a print publication
was cast further into doubt on Friday when 11 employees – a third of the staff
– were laid off and publication plans for the bimonthly magazine were
suspended…. The next issue, dated September/October
and featuring the rapper Azealia Banks on the cover, will come out in late
August. But according to a statement on Sunday by Spin’s new owner, Buzzmedia,
there will be no November/December issue while the company figures out what
form a printed Spin might take given the magazine’s expansion online. ‘Buzzmedia
and Spin are committed to moving forward with print, but we are still
determining exactly how print fits in with Spin’s multiple distribution points
and growth initiatives,’ the statement said.”


Just dismissed: Editor-in-Chief Steve Kandell and managing
editor Catherine Davis. (Those two positions are always the first ones to go
when print media outlets consolidate or circle the wagons, by the way.) Still
in the fold: longtime Spin-ster
Charles Aaron, the editorial director, and online ed-in-chief Caryn Ganz. The magazine’s
new owners have indicated that the online presence is to be beefed up as it
chases the ever-elusive online ad dollar.




Buzzmedia, incidentally, owns trend-seeking websites
Idolator, Stereogum and AbsolutePunk – plus, reports the Times, sundry celebrity sites – including a Kim Kardashian portal.


We can see where this is all headed…


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