Shit We Wouldn’t Make Up v.23


Actually, we CAN’T make
up news headlines like this for Adam Lambert, Chumbawumba, Diamond Dave, Wild
Mick Brown and John Mouse, er, Maus.


By Bubba Rokk


It’s a slow news day in the music biz, which is why we are
stealin’ headlines from all the usual sources, for the latest installment of
“Shit We Wouldn’t (and actually have no inclination whatsoever to) Make Up.” To


Adam Lambert: ‘I Would Jump at the
Chance’ to Judge ‘American Idol’
– wannabe gay icon floats random quote in
attempt to make headline at Rolling
Stone, and succeeds.


Chumbawamba Get Knocked Down, Break Up
After 30 Years
– fake anarchists make announcement long after rest of music
world thought they were already defunct.


David Lee Roth Addresses Van Halen Super
Bowl Rumors
– not sketching out a VHI, VHII and VHIII supergroup with Sammy
Hagar and Gary Cherone just to get on TV.




‘Wild’ Mick Brown of Ted Nugent’s Band Arrested
in Golf Cart DUI
– no, not at a gated community for aging classic rockers, but
we can still hope!


the John Maus Rarities
– pre-“controversial quotes” period for songwriter included beloved
underground hits “I Love Indie Record Shops” and “Hooray For Record Store Day.”



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