MP3: New Michael Andrews


Composer and songwriter has new album out in
August; “Bubbles in Space” is taken from it.


Blurt Staff


On his
latest solo effort Spilling A
 composer/singer/multi-instrumentalist Michael
Andrews explores the extreme but beautiful expansion in consciousness
experienced by parents-to-be — but anyone who seeks to look at the world with
fresh wonder will be powerfully affected by this album. For Andrews, finding
out that he was going to become a father was a moment when he realized that the
world he was familiar with was all about to change. He went to work at his home
studio outside of Los Angeles
writing and recordings songs that documented his life’s journey through this
transformation.  Spilling A Rainbow is
being released August 14 on Everloving – check out an advance track:



Michael Andrews – Bubbles In Space by Howlin’ Wuelf Media


makes his living creating film scores.  Collaborating with directors and
musicians takes him through landscapes of sound both familiar and
foreign.  He started with Greyboy Allstars writing a film score
for Zero Effect and, over the course of the dozen or so films scored, Mike
has established a pallet of musical signatures that carry through his work like
genes mutating and powering his artistic evolution: the keyboard from Me and
You and Everyone We know
or Donnie Darko, the guitar from Cyrus or a groove from Greyboy Allstars with the ambience of Cypher….


was seated in a dentist’s chair in Glendale,
CA when he first heard about his
wife’s pregnancy. “As the Novocaine made its way into my system, I suddenly
realized, I am about to start a family! I rushed home and recorded ‘The
Dentist’ and this started my documentation of what would become fatherhood.”


don’t make pop records that often because I feel that I have to have a topic, a
reason” Andrews reveals.  Watching his
wife grow and then his son grow he had more than enough inspiration! “Sometimes fatherhood feels really simple and natural,
and sometimes it feels like science fiction, a super reality, more color and
more sound.”



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