Malcolm McLaren-Alan Moore Comix Collab


Originally intended as a film screenplay in the mid ‘80s.


FASHION BEAST, the long-lost screenwriting
collaboration between the late Malcolm McLaren and graphic novelist Alan Moore,
will be published by Avatar Press beginning in September as a ten-issue comic
book series.  Created originally in 1985, it redefines the classic Beauty
and the Beast
fable among the glitter and grime of a dystopian future.


The story: “It introduces young Doll Seguin, a spirited and
sassy coat-checker working at a trendy nightclub.  While the world outside
fears an oncoming nuclear war, Doll escapes into the carefree lifestyle of
music and decadence, a fantasy inspired by the fashion designs of the
mysterious Celestine.  Catching the deformed recluse’s eye, Doll is drawn
helplessly into a sordid tale of tragic lies, false identities, and spilled


McLaren’s love of fashion, its power in making statements or
obscuring the truth, inspired him to develop the feature film project. In the
mid ‘80s, with Moore having gained critical
acclaim with such comic books as Watchmen, Swamp Thing, Miracleman,
and V for Vendetta, McLaren approached the author to write a screenplay
based on his FASHION BEAST concept, Moore leapt at the chance for a first foray
into cinema.  “I wanted to work with Malcolm McLaren.  He’s
somebody that I had a lot of admiration for,” says Moore.


Shelved for decades, FASHION BEAST came to the
attention of Avatar Press president William Christensen, who met with McLaren
in 2003.  With the blessing of both McLaren and Moore, plans were hatched
to faithfully adapt the original film script as a comic book series, plotted by
longtime Moore
collaborator Antony Johnston and featuring the highly detailed artwork of
Facundo Percio.  The first issue debuts in September in comic book
specialty shops across the USA,
Canada, and the United Kingdom.




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