Jesus, a new Sonic Reducer blog posted!


Carl Hanni finally gets religion, yo.
Starring Jim White, as seen in the film clip, below.


By Blurt Staff


Longtime BLURT
contributor and blogger – and ace deejay and archivist – Carl Hanni has just
posted his latest “Sonic Reducer” essay. This time out he looks back at the
frankly brilliant Andrew Douglas film Searching
For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus
, starring songwriter Jim White and featuring a
cast of musical misfits that include Johnny Dowd, David Eugene Edwards and the
Handsome Family.


Writes Hanni, “I don’t know what sort of
a film Douglas set out to shoot, but I’m
willing to bet that he got more than he bargained for. Whatever the original
inspiration, Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus is so perfectly pitched
and so right in so many way that I need to be careful to not go all hyperbole over
it while still hoping to convey whys it’s well worth one hour and twenty-two
minutes of your time. So, I’ll just say it now: for anyone with an interest in
arcane American music and in the socio-spiritual-religious fabric of the
American South, you will be well rewarded.”


the entire blog right here
– and meanwhile, check out a scene from the film,





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