Incoming: New Mark Eitzel



But American Music
Club is defunct. Sorry, fans.


By Blurt Staff


Don’t Be A Stranger is the title and it’s an appropriate one for Mark Eitzel devotees eager to
welcome him back into the fold. It’s been a few years since we had new ME (2010’s
 self-released Brannan Street,
which was more an odds ‘n’ sods collection than a “new” release) – he suffered
a heart attack awhile back – so into the breach steps Merge Records, which has
set an Oct. 2 release date for the album. Tour dates will be announced soon




1. I Love You But You’re Dead
2. The Bill is Due
3. All My Love
4. Oh Mercy
5. Costume Characters Face Dangers in the Workplace
6. Why Are You With Me
7. Lament for Bobo the Clown
8. Break the Champagne
9. We All Have to Find Our Own Way Out
10. You’re Waiting
11. Nowhere to Run



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