Bear Hands Offer Free EP for July 4


It’s utopian music!


By Blurt Staff


Over at Noisey/Vice, Brooklyn indie combo Bear Hands are
serving up a free three-songer, Songs
From Utopia: Volume 1
(Greedhead). Check it out:






1. What I’ve Learned

2. Bullshit Saviour Complex

3. Disaster Shy


Available for free download at:



From the


Songs from Utopia Volume
a collection of quasi-political “thought pieces” that serve as a
manifestation of overwhelming white guilt and a pinko elitist liberal arts education.
Released worldwide on July 4th, 2012 it is also a birthday present for America. Bear
Hands would like to thank James Brown, Himanshu Suri, Betsy Blundell, Lauren
Wolchik, Christian Rutledge, and Barack Obama for making this release possible.”


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