WTF?!? Dueling Mountain Man Groups?


We smell some
cease-and-desist orders in the grapevine…


By Blurt Staff


It goes without saying that all day long here at BLURT we
get press releases from record labels, publicists, film studios, book
publishers, massage parlors, etc. Occasionally we’ll even read a couple of them.


An email blast concerning a favorite band, for example – and
we definitely dig the Vermont-spawned indie-folk femme trio Mountain Man, who
have released records on Partisan and Bella Union (and who we had the pleasure
of meeting face to face once at a taping of “World Café”). So naturally the
email that arrived today caught our attention: “Mountain Man – Two (Out Aug 14) was the headline.


Then we read the info about this upcoming release on the No
Sleep label: “Drawing
influences from the likes of Swans, Neurosis and even Tom Waits, Mountain Man meld turbulent riffs, fierce rhythm and aggressive vocals resulting in a
whirlwind of intense hardcore.  Mountain Man’s follow-up to 2010’s
EP, One, and their full-length album, GriefTwo expands
on the band’s previous efforts musically and lyrically with darker and more
atmospheric elements.  The EP will feature four blistering tracks like
“Take Out The Sun,” that will undoubtedly propel the band to the forefront of
underground hardcore.”


Needless to say, not the same band who previously charmed us out of our tree.  Dang.


far be it from us to pick sides. Above, Mountain Man; below, Mountain Man
(well, one member at least). Over to you, discriminating music fans. And may
the best battery of lawyers win!


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