Windbreakers Sutliff Injured/In Hospital


UPDATE: A few more details have come in that I can share with you. As one good friend of Sutliff notes, “It’s been a scary week for everyone.  Bob is a big strong guy, I think he’ll get through this.” That’s obviously what anyone familiar with Sutliff and his work is hoping for. Word is that his condition is improving and that he has been communicating with visitors even though he is clearly “confused” about where he is and what his situation is. Surgery on the aorta appears not to be necessary now, but there may be back surgery early next week. Worth noting: Sutliff’s medical insurance folks have been “absolutely fantastic,” but we all know that such a comment doesn’t necessarily mean everything is great, financially speaking. And to that end, Sutliff’s friend and old Windbreakers bandmate Tim Lee is already working on putting together a benefit album. Stay tuned.



One-half of one of the
greatest ever power pop bands, period.


By Fred Mills


We’ve just learned that a week ago power pop maestro Bobby
Sutliff was in a “very serious” car accident, suffering (according to details
friends have revealed) “broken wrists, broken back, and a head injury” and he
remains in serious condition in an Ohio


 Sutliff, of course,
was one-half of legendary Southern combo The Windbreakers, and along with his
bandmate Tim Lee (currently of the Tim Lee 3) he blazed a jangly path in the ‘80s
like precious few others – only R.E.M., Let’s Active and the Connells come to
mind as having wielded a greater influence.


For yours truly, the Windbreakers were – and still are – one
of my favorite bands from that period.


In later years Sutliff moved to Ohio and continued to record
and perform as a solo artist, and at the time of the accident had been
polishing off a track for a tribute album dedicated to fellow power pop kings
The Records, not to mention working with psych monsters Donovan’s Brain.


Without getting into too many personal details that we are
not yet at liberty to publish, the situation for Sutliff at the moment appears to be a “holding
pattern” and there is concern about the condition of his aorta and brain. He’s being
kept “heavily sedated” and doctors
are continuously monitoring his condition – while his condition hasn’t changed
much in the last few days, it’s been noted that “he has been stable for a few
days in a row.”


Get well, Bobby – our hopes and prayers are with you.


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