VIDEO: New Johnny Hickman (Cracker)


Long-overdue sophomore
solo platter arrives next week. And it “don’t suck,” either!


By Blurt Staff


We are enjoying this new video from Cracker co-founder
Johnny Hickman, whose album Tilting is released July 3 on his own Campstove Records label. The song’s titled “Another




The album’s a remarkably diverse one, and as Hickman
explains, “Personally, all my favorite records and bands have been those
that don’t flatline into one tiny sub-genre (Beatles, Kinks, Radiohead, Petty,
Neil Young…). When I write, I just do it and don’t worry about it. As David
[Lowery, Cracker co-founder] and I always say, the only real rule in music is
‘don’t suck.'”


The album’s title Tilting is tied to one of Hickman’s favorite countries, Spain, and it refers to Cervantes’
classic novel Don Quixote. “I sometimes feel like the impassioned madman
with his lance trying to slay the windmill giants,” Johnny reveals.
“I think a lot of people do in these troubled times. The idea of battling
these mighty, unbeatable foes both real and imagined is disturbing yet darkly
amusing to me.


“The songs on Tilting are definitely more personal, more autobiographical than on either Palmhenge or
Cracker records. I didn’t set out to do that but it’s just where I am in life I
suppose. I didn’t steer cautiously around any of my feelings or experiences,
good or bad. It’s as honest as hell, I can tell you that. Lyrically, there’s a
little mid-life crisis catharsis going on here, not that that’s a bad thing.
That and just being pissed off and reveling in it. I also love collaborating,
which I do with David as well as my long time friend Chris LeRoy. Two of the
twelve songs onTilting were written by or with Chris, though the majority of
these songs are directly from my head and heart.”


Hickman will
be performing various solo shows in 2012 in support of Tilting (to be announced soon), and will be
hitting the road with Cracker for a high-profile summer tour as part of
Barenaked Ladies’ “Last Summer on Earth” tour, also featuring Blues
Traveler and Big Head Todd & The Monsters.


[Photo Credit: Brenda Yamen]

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