Report: Roxy Suicide, Biters Live in Denver



On June 25 it was a punk’s punk night out
at Denver’s
Gothic Theatre. Also on the bill: Wednesday 13.


By Tim Hinely


Lots of young
ones at this gig, all here to see Wednesday 13 (who I had never heard of before
this). The The Roxy Suicide (pictured above) hail from Colorado
and just before walkin’ out on stage, the lights lowered and you heard The
Raspberries’ “Go All the Way” over the loudspeaker while the band walked out
and took their places. The guitarist was none-other-than Mr. Tim Stegall  (The Hormones, former writer for both
Flipside and A.P., etc.). The very tall singer (Mr. Dave Mansfield) had a face
like Marky Ramone and yes, denim vests were the order of the evening (see
Biters part of the review). They hammered through roughly 35 minutes or so of
catchy, glammy, punky power pop that included covers by The Ramones (“Cretin
Hop”), The Cramps (“Human Fly”) and one by current band The Sounds (also, they
didn’t cover the New York Dolls but you can tell the band is a big influence on
T.R.S.). Female bassist looked like she was having a blast and Mr. Stegall
added to the band’s overall look/sound with being dressed all in white denim,
and threw off so many scissor kicks that he definitely got his workout in for
the evening. I want to see these guys again real soon.


I really enjoy
the few records I have by Atlanta’s Biters, but I had never seen the band live
before Their onstage garb is, well, it makes them look like quadruplets. Denim
vests, badges/stickers, shaggy haircuts. They rocked in a dirtier Cheap Trick
vein and were tight as all get out. The vocalist (Tuk) made a few ridiculous
sexist comments (I’m no prude and really hard to offend but his comments were
just dumb but then again that gal did toss her undies on stage at him). The
drove it all home in 45 minutes and their set included cuts like “The Boys
Alright” and “Breakin’ Your Heart Again.” 
Well done, chaps.


I can’t say I
hung long for Wednesday 13, but I
did catch a few songs. All 4 (or 5?) of them looked a lot like Doyle and/or
Jerry Only (early Misfits) while the vocalist (actually Joseph Poole who used
to be in the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 then the Murderdolls) was
a Marilyn Manson lookalike who must be prolific as all get out. The songs?
Meh…kinda catchy pop punk with horror theme. They didn’t so much for m but the
way-younger-than-me crowd loved ‘em so what do I know?





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