Reigning Sound Headed to Merge Recs


But Oblivians album
that’s in the works will be on In The Red.


By Fred Mills


Our buddy Greg Cartwright of Reigning Sound/Oblivians fame
announced the other day that for the next R.S. album the Asheville,
NC, band is jumping from In The Red to Chapel Hill’s iconic Merge label. (Thanks to Shuffle
for the tip.)


In an interview with the A.V. Club,
Cartwright stressed that he was in no way dissatisfied with ITR, but that he
simply felt that it was time to tap the resources of a full-service,
fully-staffed label (venerable garage label ITR is s one-man operation). “We’re
just jumping up to something a bit bigger,” explained Cartwright. “[Merge] is
still an independent record label, but they do have a few more people working
for them. So I’m interested to see how that’ll work out.”


Cartwright did add, however, that the new Oblivians record
that he’s finishing up
will be coming out on ITR. (“There’s no other label that
that could come out on.”) He also talked about why he allowed Toyota Scion to
release the 2011 limited-edition mini album Abdication (reviewed here), noting, “They just want the music as promotional tool. Not
even to put in a commercial or anything. Just to give it away! [The record was also offered as a free
digital download.
] That’s sort of cool, because you don’t have to feel like
you’re out there selling cars. At the same time, it gives you a level of
promotion that a small record label couldn’t pay for, or that a large record
label wouldn’t want to pay for.”


Read the entire interview – it’s a good ‘un if
you’re a Cartwright fan. Hey, ain’t we all? The band is in Cleveland
on Monday and Philly on Tuesday, then it heads up to Calgary, Canada,
for the Sled Island Festival. And in September
Reigning Sound will perform at the ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror Festival in Asbury Park. Tour dates
listed here.


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