Rare LP from Bluesman Ironing Board Sam


Ninth Wonder arrives
Aug. 21.


Ironing Board Sam, a wild piano man who would play submerged
in a tank of water or flying through the air, recorded an album in the ‘70s and
sent 100 LPs to booking agents. At the time, he played one night a week at a
club in Gary, Indiana; another group played another night
of the week: The Jackson 5. The LP never saw release at the time but now Music Maker
Relief Foundation is putting it out August 21 under the title The Ninth Wonder of the World of Music,
taken from Sam’s moniker at the time.


Only one-hundred records were originally made of The Ninth Wonder of the World of Music.
Ironing Board Sam recorded this album in the seventies mostly in Gary, Indiana.
The one-hundred records were sent out to booking agencies all over the country
with Sam’s hope to get a deal. He received three responses, including one from
the William Morris agency; but he dropped his contacts, his music, everything.
In his life Sam had hit hard times. He went traveling to places he can’t quite
remember; he doesn’t recall how he made it in the end. “I’ll tell you one
thing, it’s the blues,” says Sam. “That’s why I look like a blues man now. Cuz
that was a blues time for me. And that hurt.”




Ironing Board Sam joined the Music Maker family in 2010, and
since then has received financial help with medical care, vehicle repairs, and
relocating to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Music Maker provided Sam
with a new “ironing board”/keyboard, recorded his album, and booked him for the
legendary Blues Cruise, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and gigs
throughout North Carolina.
He has earned some recent attention for making a return appearance at the Jazz
Fest and had a photo from his set posted to Rolling Stone’s site.




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