New Calexico Video, Album


Tucson combo cut record in New Orleans Neighborhood.


By Blurt Staff


Calexico will release their Anti- Records debut and first
album in four years, ‘Algiers,’ on September
11. It’s the followup to 2008’s Carried
To Dust.


Core duo Joey Burns and John Convertino relocated to New Orleans with
co-producer Craig Schumacher for the bulk of the recording sessions, living and
working in a converted church in the outskirts neighborhood for which the
record is named. Check out the first single, “Para”:





Revitalized and reborn by the city, Burns and Convertino
wrote several of the album’s dozen new songs in the studio. “The place is
strong and bold, soulful to the core, but surrounded by a sea of darkness,”
Burns says of New Orleans.
“There’s something creepy and old on the edge of town and written
throughout the town’s histories. Those kinds of aesthetics help with the


Other influences are embedded within ‘Algiers,’ as well. ‘No Te Vayas’ is a
collaboration between long-time Calexico member Jacob Valenzuela and Jairo
Zavala of Depedro, and the trumpet-embellished drama of ‘Sinner In The Sea’
reflects Burns’ desire “to map out a song that wed our west coast roots to
our experience working in Havana
with Amparo Sanchez a few years ago.”



1. Epic
2. Splitter
3. Sinner in the Sea
4. Fortune Teller
5. Para
6. Algiers
7. Maybe on Monday
8. Puerto
9. Better and Better
10. No Te Vayas
11. Hush
12. Solstice of a Vanishing Mind




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