John Cale Gets Some Nookie


He also wanna talk 2 U…


By Blurt Staff


Domino imprint Double Six has inked in an Oct. 2 date for John
Cale’s forthcoming full-length, Shifty
Adventures in Nookie Wood
, the result of sessions held at Cale’s LA studio,
including a spontaneous session with Danger Mouse to create the opening track,
“I Wanna Talk 2 U.”


According to the label: “As
a producer Cale has reached a new plateau on this record. At the albums most
maximal, it feels like looking at a collection of precious stones. Myriads of
differently colored and textured surfaces carefully placed together, each
finding their own space to beckon the ear. It’s a blend of chaos and beauty in
equal measure and a testament to the exploratory spirit at work which ensures
there’s always something new to the ears on a John Cale record.”


Below, you can check out the tracklisting, and meanwhile,
let’s revisit that fun video from 2011’s Extra
EP, for the track “Whaddaya Mean By That?”







01. I Wanna Talk 2

02. Scotland Yard  

03. Hemmingway   

04. Face To The Sky

05. Nookie

06. December Rains


08. Vampire Cafe

09. Mothra                               

10. Living With You

11. Midnight

12. Sandman (Flying Dutchman)



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