Jesus Lizard Dead; Scratch Acid Lives? (Nope.)


Really, what the hell
did you expect, kids?


By Fred Mills


To paraphrase the immortal Richard Milhous Nixon, you won’t
have the Jesus Lizard to kick around anymore.


is reporting
that despite strident attempts
by JL guitarist Duane Denison to keep the skronk icons a working proposition
past the 2008-09 reunion (the Lizard originally split in ’99) and get everyone
back into the studio for fresh recording, it just ain’t gonna happen.


Explained Denison,
“That reunion tour went so well – we kept
it brief, and we didn’t extend it – that it just seemed natural to some of us
to just go, ‘Well, let’s do an album. We all can still play, we get along,
let’s do it.” But after “certain members” of the band held back, and held back,
and then held back some more – it has been, after all, nearly 4 years – Denison
gave up: “I was the one that pushed it to get it going in the first place!
So I said, “Fine, I’ll take my ideas with me,” and that turned into
other things, and that’s just how it works.” (Some
of those “other things” may include the upcoming, Aug. 7, Jesus Lizard coffee
table book Book.)


Denison shouldn’t have been all that surprised, though, that
nostalgia doesn’t run rampant among “certain members” of the Jesus Lizard,
particularly in light of the interview that vocalist David Yow and bassist
David Wm. Sims gave to BLURT last fall regarding the recent reunion of their pre-JL
band Scratch Acid. It speaks for itself; go here to read the conversation with
Yow and Sims, conducted by contributor Ron Hart. Below are a few illuminating




We here
at BLURT were justifiably ecstatic to hear about the surprise re-reunion of
legendary Texas pigfuck/noisemongers Scratch Acid for a brief winter 2011 trek
across North America in addition to the Jeff Magnum-curated All Tomorrow’s
Parties in England. When we reached out to the head Scratchers, Davids Yow and
Wm. Sims, for comment about the impending festivities they were more than happy
to discuss at length their first full-on tour since Ronnie’s jellybeans graced
the desk of the Oval Office.


Who initially
contacted you about getting Scratch Acid back together for ATP?

SIMS: Our booking agent contacted us. I believe he was
contacted by Barry [Hogan], the guy that runs ATP. I know I’m supposed to know
who Jeff Magnum is; sorry. 


Was there talk about
some kind of full-on reunion following the 2006 shows [Scratch Acid did the
Touch & Go 25th anniversary in ‘06] prior to the ATP invite?

YOW: No, there was not. We’re all kind of surprised by this
reunion, I think.


Do you have a
particular memory from Scratch Acid’s first six years that sticks out most in
your mind?

YOW: Um, no,
I don’t. Sorry. That’s sorta funny, though, huh?


Would you be
interested in doing any new recording with Scratch Acid?

SIMS: Probably not. I think we all have enough other
projects going on to keep us busy.

YOW: I don’t really feel like creating music these days. I
guess I’m only recreating. It’s recreational for me.


Has there been any
conversation about reissuing your 1984-87 catalog?

SIMS: I haven’t heard any. 


2012 will mark the
30th anniversary of the band. Are you going to be acknowledging the milestone in
any way?

YOW: Good question. Probably not.

SIMS: Nope. 

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