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By Blurt Staff


We’ve done squeezed out another litter, this time an
anything-goes features combo of Spiritualized, Rufus Wainwright, Neneh Cherry,
Best Coast,  Friends, The dB’s, Grimes, Sidi Toure, Lee Ranaldo, M. Ward,
Kendra Morris, the Negro Problem (which, incidentally, carries an incorrect byline:
it was written by Denise Sullivan, and you can read the expanded, online
version of it right here), and tons more artists. Not to mention a roundup of
some of our fave Australian bands, a special section wherein veteran musicians
offer career advice to youngsters, and of course another installment of our
popular artist-penned series “The Most Fucked Up Thing I’ve Ever
Seen.” You’ll also find over 50 fresh CD, book and DVD reviews, our “The
Goods” product page, a look back at our visit this past March to Austin for
SXSW, and more.


We hope you enjoy the new issue, and if you have trouble
locating it in your city, subscriptions
and single issues of BLURT can be ordered online here.


Incidentally, speaking of “online”: with each print issue we also have selected expanded versions of our features and reviews that we publish here on the website, so make sure you look for those. Among the bonus content this time around that will be appearing at Blurt-online: our interviews with Neneh Cherry, Rufus Wainwright and Codeine, and the musicians’ advice story, “Trust Yourself… And Get A Good Lawyer (Or Not),” which we are fairly confident will pique more than just a little interest among music-industry watchers.





Meanwhile, below are selected random quotes extracted from
some of the features in the new issue: put on your thinking beanie and see if
you can figure out who might’ve uttered each pearl of wisdom.


“I hate church. But I
wanted to like it.
And I know the Bible better than most people, but the
Bible I read is The Jefferson Bible,
the one where [Thomas Jefferson] removed all the references to angels and
miracles and the resurrection.”


“Don’t sign anything. There’s nothing that anyone can do for you under contract that they can also do for you on a normal human agreement, just
on a personal level.”


“I’m in shock still
about having had a child,
for better or for worse. I’m very happy but it
all happened at the same time, that birth and [my mother’s] death, so it’s very
mixed up for me. The stakes are higher now.”


“I was the last one
to get onboard [for the reunion]
and [the vocalist] was like, “Get
over yourself!” And just that one way of looking at it makes you go,
“Yeah, I guess that would be pretty cool-hang out with everybody again and
play those songs.” And now would be the moment to do it, because I can’t
see myself doing it at 40, and I’m getting there, you know?”


“Mariah Carey is one
of the best singers of the last 100 years
and I hate that just because she
looks really hot, she’s lumped into being just some pop musician. Most of the
music I would consider particularly innovative or important in the last 50
years has been what would be considered mainstream music. Even rap or hip-hop
are not considered high art even though they’ve completely changed the entire
music industry.”


“When you’re making a record you’re completely involved
every first and last element…
consumed in the music in a way that’s really unhealthy… It’s so consuming-it’s
a shame when you think about it. You’ve made this thing that is all of you and
all of your life’s experience and art and you can’t really get any enjoyment
out of it.”


“It’s nice to be inspired by something in particular, something with a little more weight. I think that is what
makes listeners relate to you-when there’s a shared emotion. That doesn’t make
it a diary or a hate letter. There is just as much love as there is sadness to
be found here.”


“[My father] was always playing music and
showing me things
and getting
me to sing things. And that was always a really big part of how we shared time,
through music. He would actually go to the record store and bring back a lot of
the records that then became my records. He bought my first Chaka Kahn album,
the one that “I’m Every Woman” was on, and the Pretenders’ first
record, we’d just sit and listen together.”


“I can really believe
that NASA has been telling us we went to the moon
just so they can get more
money for missiles. But I can also believe that we could’ve done it. NASA
found, galaxies away, this cluster where there are the exact right
circumstances for life; it’s just like Earth. They call it the Goldilocks Zone
because it’s “just right.””


“What had happened
was, on the flight from Australia,
I had wiped by thumb and a worm had come out. So I knew that I had worms. And I
hadn’t had a chance to go see a doctor or anything.”


“We didn’t really
intend to make people feel nauseous.
Ninety-nine percent of the people
looking at the video couldn’t understand what was happening,”


“The only reason that I got involved in rock and roll is so I can do drugs and have sex with legless midgets. I
don’t know anything about music and I’ve never been accused of being a


(Possible Answers:
Neneh Cherry, Norah Jones, Oderus Urungus of GWAR, Blaine Cartwright of
Kentucky BridgeBurners, Rufus Wainwright, Hot Chip, Glenn Wool, Omar
Rodriguez-Lopez of Mars Volta/At The Drive-In, Steve Albini, Grimes, Grass
Widow, Jason Pierce of Spiritualized


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