First Look: New Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ EP


The Southern stalwarts
kick off a series of new releases with a survey of their strengths. Songs From
the Laundromat is out this week on their own New! label.


By Michael Toland

The first in a series of EPs that replace a new album from
the veteran Atlanta quartet, Songs From
the Laundromat
presents a quick survey of Drivin’ N’ Cryin’s strengths. The
five-track collection opens with a pair of industrial strength heavy rockers –
while the blue-collar slam of “Ain’t Waitin’ On Tomorrow” delivers the goods
like a UPS driver with unerring aim for the porch, “Dirty” falters slightly on
its (clearly satirical) sex-you-up lyrics and exaggerated vocals, though not
its raw boogie.


Then the band enters jangleland with “REM,” a perfect
tribute to the band’s statemates, and sails home with the lovely country rock
of “Clean Up,” written by Amsterdam’s
Tim Knol. (The other track, the puzzling “Baloney,” is a 30-second belch of
noise.) Songs From the Laundromat delineates D’n’C’s vision better than any press release.


If an alien hopped
down its exit ramp and demanded to have this Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ thing explained
or else, this is the record that would save the Earth.



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