First Look: Ghastly New Beach Boys LP


That’s Why God Made
the Radio released this week on Brother/Capitol.


By Fred Mills

No, that’s why God made the CD player’s “skip” and “program”
buttons. Or why he made iTunes – here, download the album’s lone listenable
track, the luminous, vocally-acrobatic, “Surf’s Up”-worthy “From There To Back
Again.” The remaining 11 songs are just ghastly; the band sounds like an a capella project assembled by an aging,
dyspeptic queen recently fired from
his job as the local choirmaster, with chief songwriter Brian Wilson submitting
the kind of MOR pabulum you always knew he was capable of but trusted him to avoid.
And don’t miss Jon Bon Jovi’s name among the writing co-credits for closing
number “Summer’s Gone”: that song title is more than appropriate. Summer’s
barely begun, yet it might as well be over, done in by this preemptive travesty, buried in a shallow grave and
emitting a horrid stench.


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