Fiddler Driessen w/Kickstarter Campaign


violin-percussion project aims to expand parameters.


By Fred Mills


You can call him a virtuoso violinist, or simply one of the
most fantastic fiddlers of the contemporary music scene, but either way, Casey
Driessen is a maestro par excellence of his instrument. The Berklee graduate has
worked with the likes of Steve Earle, Abigail Washburn, Bela Fleck, Chris Thile
and Darrell Scott and scored more, in addition to being a celebrated (and
Grammy-nominated) solo artist in his own right. (He’s also a former Nashville
resident, now an Asheville, NC, denizen, and a lot of you reading this will
probably already know that Asheville is a ‘burg very dear to the BLURT heart. So
the dude’s got cred in our book already.)



Now he’s got a new crowdsourced-funded project in the works
he’s calling Fiddle/Sticks, which according to Driessen finds him “exploring
the fiddle as a percussion instrument via interviewing & collaborating with
some of today’s top drummers & percussionists” (among them, Kenny Malone,
Futureman & Jamey Haddad). Below you can read the description, and more importantly, you can check out the Kickstarter
where you can find out more and then get involved to make the whole
thing take off. (Hint: some of the swag you can land, from exclusive
audio/video content to autographed, limited-edition prints to personal
workshops from the mad fiddler himself, is pretty sweet.) 8 days left in the
Kickstarter campaign, so you’ve got plenty of time. Get choppin’…


Watch the video explaining Fiddle/Sticks:





Fiddle/Sticks: The Drummer Project by Casey
 is a collaborative
exploration of rhythm which pairs Casey – the leading voice in percussive
fiddle/violin technique (AKA The Chop) – with a list of the landmark drummers
and percussionists of our time. Cutting across all genres and traditions, the
project documents these rhythmic explorations through recordings, videos,
photos and journals. It serves as an inspirational and instructional resource
for drummers, percussionists, fiddlers and everyone in the music community
interested in pushing the boundaries of their instruments and their music.



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