Another Asshole Lets Down Fans/Bandmates

High On Fire guitarist
succumbs to his demons once more and enters rehab.


By Fred Mills


It’s an old story:


Chapter 1: Get

Chapter 2: Bask
in the adoration of fans.

Chapter 3: Turn
into alcohol and/or substance-abusing dickhead.

Chapter 4: Alarm
fellow bandmembers, who either stage an intervention or (more likely) look the
other way because too much cash is rolling in.

Chapter 5: Allude
to “personal issues” either in cryptic
song lyrics or vague confessional via the press.

Chapter 6:
Completely fuck up by missing gigs, sessions, etc.

Chapter 7: Enter

Chapter 8: Engage in post-rehab self-serving navel-gazing regimen intended to generate public sympathy for having combated all those “demons.”


And here we go again: Matt Pike, of High On Fire (as well as
Sleep, with whom he recently performed), went into rehab yesterday, with HoF issuing
a press release that the alcohol-addiction stint “will put its scheduled
touring plans on hold indefinitely as Pike takes the necessary steps towards
regaining his health.”


As a result, those touring plans, which were to run through
late June through mid-August, including a slew of shows on the Rockstar Energy
Drink Mayhem Festival,
are kaput, leaving legions of fans in the lurch
(particularly those who were going to the aforementioned Rockstar fest in order
to see High On Fire, since they won’t be able to get refunds simply on the
basis of one-band’s no-show).


Good luck to Pike and his demons, however. But like we said,
it’s an old, old, old story, and at this tired, tattered point in the rock
music game, really, who gives a damn about yet another self-centered jerk who
lets down both his bandmates (not to mention killing their livelihood) and his


[Photo Credit: Tom Couture]




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