Ween Calls It Quits

alt/experimental rock provocateurs gives up the ghost after 28 years of
merrymaking. But for what – McKuen poems?!?


By Fred Mills


There’s the old adage about not giving up your day job, and
then there’s the one about quitting while you’re still ahead, but the
application of either, in this instance, is muddled for Aaron Freeman, aka Gene
Ween. In the wake of the release of his solo album Marvelous Clouds he’s decided to put Ween to rest and concentrate
on that solo career.


“It’s time to move on,” Freeman told Rolling
in an interview this week.
“I’m retiring Gene Ween…. For me
it’s a closed book. In life sometimes, in the universe, you have to close some
doors to have others open. There’s no, ‘Goddamn that such and such!’ For me,
I’d like to think it’s a door I can close finally.”

The split appears amicable, with his partner Mickey Melchiondo (Dean Ween) no
doubt currently super-busy with his work as a registered sea captain and fishing tours guide. And Freeman indicated
to Rolling Stone that doing his solo
album has convinced him tht he is “forging a new thing” for himself.


, remember, is a collection of Rod McKuen poems put to music. It’s
also, according to a number of critics, nigh-on unlistenable, and it makes some
of Ween’s more out-there moments seem, now, like harbingers of musical


But it is
apparently too late to tell Freeman not to give up his day job….





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