Video: New A Place to Bury Strangers



“You Are The One” taken from forthcoming album Worship, due June 26 on Dead Oceans.

Directing duo Matt Moroz & Tracy Maurice are behind the new video from A Place to Bury Strangers. deliver a twisted nightmare in
this grindhouse-esque clip produced by Greencard Pictures. Shot on 16mm film,
their dark, experimental style expertly mirrors the mood of APTBS’s track
and elevates the music video to a cinematic noir thriller.


(If the video below does not play, go to this link or view it over at Spin.)

Moroz and Maurice’s creation recalls a 70s-era, B-movie that is definitley
Not Safe For Work. The duo says, “We
really loved the song. The video evoked something extremely dark, weird and
disturbing.” In it, the viewer follows a mysterious figure as he
visciously beats total strangers, leers at nubile young girls at an underground
club, and initiates a blood-soaked make-out session.



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