VIDEO: Carrousel's "15"


Tallahassee dream-folk/pop outfit Carrousel premieres clip for “15.”


By Blurt Staff


Amusement parks are made to seem like a dream – of magic kingdoms, mountains, all that stuff. In this clip for Carrousel’s “15,” writer/director Patrick Gines and editor Bryan Zhang show park rides ascending, descending, rotating and tilting in a series of 3,000 still images and several slow-shutter scenes. The feast of gorgeous, colorful lights is juxtaposed with Piedt (who also co-wrote and -directed) sleepily confronting the dizzying ups and downs of a relationship and deciding it’s all worth it – and he’ll happily wait for the object of his affection to decide likewise.


Alas, the track is from Carrousel’s debut album 27 rue de mi’chelle (available on, a concept platter about a woman Piedt has already lost. But that makes the band’s mini-symphonies that much more compelling.






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