Report: Dressy Bessy Live in Denver


May 25 at the Gothic Theatre, with
opening act Sauna.


By Tim Hinely

I tried to get
there early enough to catch The Buckingham Squares which apparently has a few
members of The Fluid but was not to be. As I was walking in they were tearing
down and I swear I saw one of the band member utter the words, “Bite me,
Hinely!” Gulp.


Sauna is a Denver quartet who
apparently is in high school (or maybe just got out). Whatever, the 2 guys
(bass and guitar) and 2 gals (vocals/keyboard and drums) put on one helluva
show. One song I was reminded of Bratmobile then another I thought of the
B-52’s (some great yelps) then another song it was The Pipettes and…well, I
think you get the picture. The drummer was terrific as was the guitarist (he of
many, many pedals) while the bassist was more than able and the vocalist
brought some excellent energy (and cuteness) to the stage. Catch ‘em before
they grow (or break) up.


I was hoping,
upon moving to Denver,
that some Dressy Bessy gigs would be a consistent thing but I hear they haven’t
been playing out much and this was a reunion of sorts (only they never broke
up). Their last record was in 2008, but I hear they have a new ep coming out
sometime soon. It’s the same four folks (Tammy on vocals, John on guitar, Rob
on bass and Craig on drums, who replaced Darren Albert who happened to be in
attendance) with a gal added on keyboards/percussion/backing vocals (regarding
this extra member, Tammy said “She’s in town for a visit so we put her to
work.”).  They played a generous amount
of tunes from all of their records and the band seemed in good spirits with
Tammy looking like a mix between Lene Lovich, Nina Hagen and Roxy Epoxy while
John Hill still has that perpetually stoned grin throughout the set. Bassist
Rob Greene is looking a bit professorial these days with the thick glasses and
crazed ‘fro (sorry, I didn’t get a good enough look at Craig to size him up).
Opening with Live to Tell All”  and
onward we heard “Little TV”, “Shoot”, “Baby Six String”, “Headphones”, “She
Likes It” and plenty more. They ended the set with “Extraordinary” then popped
back out for a two-song encore of “Better Luck” and “Electrified.”


The band seems
to have taken a bit of a harder, more rock approach to their songs these days
(as evidenced in the live set, a well) and while I do miss the twee-er aspects
of their songs, the hooks are still there and hey, the bands seems happy,
right? Side note: I’m not quite sure why this gig was a venue of this size
where it was maybe a third to half full, I think they could have completely
packed the Larimer Lounge or the Hi-Dive.


[Photo credit:
courtesy the band’s Facebook page]




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