Report: Blouse/Plateaus Live in Denver


Both indie bands performed May 14 at the


By Tim Hinely

Prior to this
show I had not heard of San Diego’s Plateaus; I was expecting something a bit
more, shall we say, dreamy (opening for Blouse and all), but these guys brought
a muscular, punk sound to the Hi-Dive and got several rounds of applause. I
heard some Buzzcocks in there for sure (lots of bah-bah-bahs) but this sounds
was thicker and a bit more menacing. Both guitarists took turns singing (and
the one stage left had a beautiful bright green RKL t-shirt on) and the bassist
looked like he could have been Jerry A’s (Poison Idea) kid brother. If these
guys come to your town make some time to see them.


I’m curious how
I missed a band like Blouse when I lived in Portland (on Captured
Tracks, nonetheless). Well, truth is I did, but here they were in all their
flesh and glory. 4 folks, 2 females and 2 males, the female guitarist (Charlie
Hilton) looking very pixie-ish sang and played guitar while the other female
eked and oozed some great sounds out of her keyboard. The two men, bass and
drums, were relegated to the back, but as a whole, the band delivered.


They leapt forth with a dreamy, reverb-soaked set, opening with
“Firestarter,” the first song off their debut 2011 s/t debut record. We also
heard delicate, atmospheric cuts like “Time Travel” and “They Always Fly Away.”
They saved “Into Black” for last and after a scant, 25 (ok, maybe 30) minute
set we all assumed they would scamper back out and play crowd favorite “Ghost
Dream” but it was not to be. The house lights came up, some music came on over
the P.A. and the club emptied out onto the
street. I’m the guy who doesn’t mind short sets one but, this one seemed too short to the point of
unsatisfying/confusing. Was the band tired since it was the end of the tour?
Did they hate Denver for some reason? I’m not
sure, but I expect an encore next time.


[Blouse Photo
Credit: Amanda Smith/via band’s Facebook page]



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