No F-Bombs for Tenacious D, Just Penises


That’s not a barnyard cock gracing the album sleeve…

By Perez Mills

We are loving a current headline over at “Tenacious D Without F-Bombs? Salty Duo Clean Up ‘Fenix'”

The accompanying interview with Jack Black and Kyle Gass talks about the duo’s new album Rize of the Fenix, which drops next week. Among the choice quotes:

“That title was just so strong, very ballsy. It felt like an erect
penis of a title,” Black says. “We just thought, ‘Is it really
dead?’ Well, no, but it’s very, very ill.” Gass chimes in: “It has

Eh, the title’s not the only thing that’s ballsy and erect, if you hadn’t noticed from the album sleeve, above. You can compare it to the version being displayed at, below; note that if you go into a record store you will encounter a medium-sized sticker and band-created parental warning (“not for children or religious people”) covering up the offending member. But if you are of a vinyl disposition, never fear: that big 12″ x 12″ LP proudly boasts a nearly foot-long beast on the cover, with no sticker.



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