Make Your Own Fisher Price Discs!


Back to the future,
eh? Listen to “Stairway to Heaven,” below – it blows the socks off all those silly Rockabye Baby albums.



By Fred Mills


We honestly don’t remember our parents giving us the Led Zep
platter, but “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” does ring a bell, as it should for
every kid who ever owned a Fisher Price record player – the kind that played
hard-plastic, grooved/notched discs in a manner that would have clearly made
Thomas Edison proud.





You can relive those tender memories now, sorta. As is
an Instructable user named “fred27” (no relation; but I am “fredIII”)
put on his thinking cap and created a tutorial on how to make 21st century
versions of those discs. According to Gizmodo, “If you have access to a milling
machine did you know you can actually create
your own custom discs
? Very few of us have access to a milling machine
which is needed to make these a reality, but there’s no reason the steps can’t
be adapted to use a 3D printer
instead, which are quickly becoming far more prevalent. He’s even created a
custom app
for creating whatever music you want on the disk.”


We smell an incoming trend with greater staying power than cassettes! Will
someone please create a copy of the Butthole Surfers’ cover of Sabbath’s “Sweet
Leaf” (complete with father-son dialogue intro) and send it over to BLURT?

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