John Moore’s Blurt Blog: Pennywise Interview


Randy Bradbury spills the beans and more.


By Blurt Staff


Jumpin’ John B. Moore has filed the latest installment in
his “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” BLURT blog in which all things punk come under his
purview. This time out: an in-depth
interview with Pennywise bassist Randy Bradbury, who talks about the turmoil
the group experienced in the wake of vocalist Jim Lindberg’s contentious
decision to quit, and how they quickly recovered, bringing in Ignite
front man Zoli Teglas and got to work on All
or Nothing
, their 10th record.


“We were not ok with Jim leaving,” explained Bradbury. “Jim
was awesome when he had enthusiasm for the band. We tried very hard to make things
comfortable for him. Jim was a great singer and songwriter, the last thing we
wanted was for him to leave the band. But once he decided to go, I think I got
a little bitter that he didn’t put the same value on being in Pennywise that I
did, so now there is this trail of shit left in the wake…. So we took our time
with this album, and we are really happy with the results. Zoli is such a great
singer and he has adapted his style
to fit our music so well, all the hard work and trials that we’ve gone through
all seem worth it now.”


Go here to read Moore’s
entire interview with Bradbury.


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