Flaming Lips: A Bloody Good $2,500 Time


Heady Fwends LP gets a
super-limited blood infusion.


By Fred Mills


“Blood vinyl goes on sale at the end of the week!$2,500 for
double record set! Only 10 available”


So tweeted the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne on Wednesday, and
he posted the above and below images just to get you salivating.



The vinyl in question, of course, is the super-limited
edition version of the limited edition Record Store Day 2LP set Heady Fwends; this one includes the
actual blood from a number of the HF collaborators
injected directly into the vinyl during the pressing procedure. We’re advised
that confirmed blood samples include Nick
Cave, Erykah Badu, Ke$ha
and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and probably more.


The Record Store day release sold out all of its 10,000
copies by the end of the day, with copies immediately popping up on eBay (the
current asking price appears to be in the $55-$75 range, which actually isn’t
that inflated a price when you consider the original retail price was $39.99.
As of this writing none of the bloody LPs are showing on eBay, but no doubt they
will sell out quickly and resurface in time.



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