Bob Mould, S'chunk Rock Anti-Amendment 1


Full lineup for Sunday’s benefit gig
includes Bob
Mould, David Cross, Stuart McLamb of The Love Language, Tig Notaro, Amber
Tamblyn and Superchunk (Acoustic Duo.)


By Fred Mills


We here at BLURT don’t shy away from politics, although there’s usually just
too much happening in the nation for what’s ostensibly a music magazine to have
the time and resources to dig deep, coverage wise. (The 2008 presidential campaign
being one notable exception.) This
one, though, hits so close to home that we can’t possibly remain on the
sidelines – hell, it IS at home, considering that 3/6 of the BLURT braintrust
calls this place “home.”


That would be North Carolina,
and the issue is the proposed amendment to the NC constitution which Tarheels
will be voting on come May 8 in the primary. In a nutshell, Amendment One aims to
permanently codify the morality-based concept
of “marriage” being defined as strictly a man-woman union; yet in addition to
its blatantly overt (and hateful) anti-gay bias, it also has the distinction of
being disingenuously worded so that it will make all domestic unions/partnerships not recognizable by the law. There’s
plenty more, too, and we encourage you to research it fully on your own – one good
starting place would be the Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families and
its website.


Meanwhile, just to bring thing back to the music angle: Amendment One has
mobilized a lot of people, and to such a degree that whereas previously,
pollsters were predicting an easy passage (NC, though progressive in many
areas, is still part of the Bible Belt), the anti-Amendment sentiment has
steadily swelled and it’s now viewed as within striking distance. This Sunday,
in fact, there’s going to be a Benefit Concert to Defeat Amendment One, and
below are the details as provided by the good folks at Merge Records. Spread
the word, whether you’re from NC or not.


Merge Records is teaming up with the
Haw River Ballroom, Cat’s Cradle and others in opposition to North Carolina’s
Amendment One including the Coalition to Protect ALL North Carolina Families –
to throw a Benefit Concert with Bob Mould, David Cross, Stuart McLamb
of The Love Language, Tig Notaro, Amber Tamblyn and Superchunk (Acoustic Duo.)
The concert will be held on May 6 at the Haw River Ballroom in
Saxapahaw, NC
. Limited tickets are available to this special seated event
for a donation of $80 and a limited edition silk-screened poster of the event
designed by Matthew Klimas is included in
the ticket price.


Click to buy tickets for a
donation which includes a limited edition silk-screened poster


On September
13th, the North Carolina
Legislature proposed an amendment to the Constitution that would ban legal
recognition for all unmarried couples, strip protections and benefits from
families across our state, hurt our business climate and economic development
and put our children in danger. We are proud to be a member of a coalition of
groups, individuals and families dedicated to defeating this amendment at the
polls on May 8 and protecting North
Carolina from the harms it represents. For more
information about the Coalition to Protect
NC Families, visit their website.


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