Amanda Palmer Sets Kickstarter Record


Anyone who says that relentless social networkin doesn’t pay dividends is clearly nuts…

By Fred Mills

As the screen shot above demonstrates, avant-pop diva Amanda Palmer knows how to get the grass roots sprouting – to the tune of $379k in barely two days of fundraising via her new Kickstarter program to raise money for a new album. On April 30 she launched the pledge page, with the target date/goal being May 31 and $100,000.

Think about it: she beat the goal by more than three times the hoped-for amount, and there’s still 29 days to go. reports:

Palmer, a solo artist and member of the Dresden Dolls, has received
pledges – effectively donations – from 6,626 backers through midday
Wednesday. According to a Kickstarter spokesperson, the project
already holds the site’s record for value of pledges and number of
pledges. Nearly 2,400 people have pledged $1 and will receive a
digital download of the album. About 2,900 people have pledged $25
and will get a digital download and CD in a hardbound case. Funding
tiers go all the way to the Kickstarter limit of $10,000 – 1 of 5
has already been taken. For people who want to chip in more than
$10,000, Palmer has created an alternative financing vehicle called
the Loan Spark that facilitates loans rather than donations.

Read the full report at the link. Pretty damn impressive, Amanda. Wonder what your former handlers at Roadrunner Records – who as you also noted in the article, wouldn’t even have agreed to a recording budget of that $300k – are thinking about now? Maybe that they should mount their own Kickstarter programs for their artists, perhaps…


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