Video + Wavves Remix: Mr. Little Jeans


Debbie Harry meets St. Vincent? Just maybe…


By Blurt Staff


Mr. Little Jeans’ new music video for her first single
“Runaway” was directed by Zach Shields (Dead Man’s Bones) – the single
is available on iTunes next week, the first culled from her self-titled debut
LP, which will be released on Sony in August and was produced by Tim Anderson. Check
out the video, then scroll down to the bottom to listen to a Wavves remix of
the tune.



RUNAWAY from Mr Little Jeans on Vimeo.


Mr. Little Jeans, a.k.a. Monica Birkenes, hails from Norway and has been described as “a cross
between St. Vincent’s prettiest moments and
Debby Harry’s wilder inclinations… she stands fronting an army of bright ideas
and sharp sounds, a shipbuilder’s daughter with a voice that could part a sea.”
Many people’s introduction to her came with her haunting, beat-damaged cover of
Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs,” essentially doing to that song what
James Blake did to Feist’s “The Limit to Your Love.” She’d similarly
flipped Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” on 2010’s  Angel  EP.



Suburbs by Mr Little Jeans



Her backstory: Birkenes grew up in the middle of the woods
in a seaside town called Grimstad. She took years of piano and voice lessons and
also sung in the church choir at 5, then around town wherever and even on local
television once or twice. At 10, she recorded a cassette of children’s classics
and shopped it around to gas stations mainly. By 15, she was singing in bars,
clearly underage but backed by a band of boys in their 20s. She focused on
music in high school, then relocated to London
to study drama.  


A year later, shge was on her own in England, having
left college to chase singing leads gleaned from the “wanted” page
of  The NME . Mostly she spent an endless string of years as a terrible
waitress and, after an exploratory trip to Los Angeles, a couple more years
sofa-surfing, country-hopping, and racking up credit card debt as she wrote
with different producers – Peter Moren (Peter Bjorn & John), John Hill
(Santigold) – and shaped her current sound.



Runaway (WAVVES Remix) by Mr Little Jeans



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