Video Premiere: Russia’s Mumiy Troll


Howdy, amigo: song
comes from new album Vladivostok
which just dropped this week.



By Blurt Staff


It is without a doubt one of the strangest/creepiest, yet
visually straightforward and compelling, videos we have seen in a long time:
that would be “Hey Tovarish” by Russia’s
acclaimed Mumiy Troll, and it is also the rockers’ first English language
platter. A long time coming on that front, indeed, ‘cos the group’s glammy,
Stones-y swagger has found ‘em selling out pretty much everywhere they turn up
for years. Frontman Ilya Lagutenko is a main force behind the group’s charisma,
although this time around the American market push comes with the production
assists of Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth), Joe Chiccarelli (My Morning
Jacket, The Shins) and Brit Greg Brimson (Bush, Eminem).





Lagutenko comments on the video:


I was familiar with director
S.F. Porcaro’s past work and I liked his sense of humor and visual style. The
“Hey Tovarish” video is our attempt
to say hello to our new English-speaking friends on the other side of the pond.


“Tovarish” means “comrade” in
Russian. In Soviet Russia,
it was considered very formal, but now it’s considered almost politically
incorrect. I felt like I was destined to add a bit of new flavor to the old
word. I believe that rock n roll is one of those magic tricks that allow you to
transform something obvious into something new and exciting. I want
“tovarish” to become the new “amigo.”





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