Video: Michael Rank’s “Kin”


Second video from the
album of the same name by the Tarheel rocker.


By Fred Mills


A few weeks ago we featured an in-depth
look at Kin, the most recent solo
album from Snatches Of Pink guitarist Michael Rank (currently performing as
Michael Rank & Stag). Wrote our reviewer, “The soul-baring and
spleen-venting that’s going on here is ultimately cathartic, particularly if
you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a relationship going south. As classic
breakup albums go, Kin is more than just effective – it’s utterly


Rank unveiled a video for the song “On the Bleed” back in February, and now
he’s got one for the title track. Wraithlike both metaphorically and literally,
it slots in to the above album description,
and then some. Check it out:



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