Report: Real Estate Live in Denver


At the Gothic Theatre on April 27, the
Jersey-based indie darlings got their victory lap. Also on hand? Australia’s


By Tim Hinely

I had heard some
recorded stuff by Australia’s
Twerps and liked what I’d heard, and as I arrived at about the 2nd or 3rd song the band already had a hefty crowd eating out of their
palms. Leader/vocalist/guitarist Marty Frawley seemed to take the attitude of a
lot of Aussies I’ve met: don’t worry ‘bout nuffin’, keep smilin’ and the rest
will take care of itself. The tunes I heard seemed to be a good combination of
The Feelies, some mid-‘80s Boston uh, pardon the phrase, college rock,  (ie: Dumptruck,
The Neats, etc.) and the pristine jangle that made those ‘80s Flying Nun bands
so damn good.  If I had one complaint it
was  about the one song that the other,
female, guitarist, sang; being an old punk, I’m no stickler for vocals, but
hers were pretty darnn off-key. But she only sang one song that I saw and her
guitar playing more than made up for it.


Speaking of the
Flying Nun years (which I hear are back, by the way) New Jersey’s
Real Estate are not to be missed. They put on a stellar set at Portland’s Doug Fir last
year, touring on the back of their terrific sophomore record, Days and I guess they’re doing a victory
lap (fine with me).  The band seemed a
bit low-key on this evening, however, which may have had something to do with
the somewhat substandard sound.


Martin Courtney mentioned a few things to the soundman about a buzzing in the
amps and from where I was standing the sound was, well, not awful or anything,
but all a bit too overbearing, which works with some bands, but a band like
Real Estate you want to hear all of the subtle nuances (and there are plenty).
Still, the band played most of the songs off of said sophomore effort and a
handful off their nearly-as-good debut , “Easy” sounded real nice as did pop
nuggets like “It’s Real”, “Green Aisles”, “Out of Tune”, “Wonder Years” and the
ones they played off the debut (“Suburban Dogs”, Atlantic City”, etc.). Real
Estate are surely on to something and I, for one, can’t wait to hear what they
do on their 3rd record.




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