Report: Cults + Spectrals Live in Denver




April 12 at The Bluebird yielded a mixed
indie bag.


By Tim Hinely

Spectrals’ Louis
Jones doesn’t looks much like a rocker what with his face full of freckles and
flaming red hair and neither do his band mates much (both Jones and the
keyboardist don’t look old enough to be in the club) while bald bassist, who
didn’t stop strutting, posturing and moving around the stage looked like, well,
dad (mine, yours ….someone’s).  I like
Spectrals’ Slumberland record of last year, Bad Penny, fine enough but on stage
the songs didn’t really come to life much. 
Not necessarily a bad live act, but just really ordinary. The songs
however, a handful of them above average, saved the set.


Cults on the
other hand could easily have been a snoozer of a live band, but both leaders,
guitarist Brian Oblivion and vocalist Madeline Follin, came out with plenty of
energy and a band who were willing to exert as well. All 5 of them (including a
drummer, bassist and a utility player who was on keyboards, extra guitar and
xylophone) came armed with enough hair to make early Black Sabbath jealous and
a guy up in the rafters on projectors (most of which made the building behind
them look like a TV on fuzzy static). Follin seemed in an especially good mood,
dancing throughout the set, tossing her hair around and doing some swoon-worthy
moves with the mic stand while occasionally interacting with the folks in the
first few rows. They opened with “Abducted” and proceeded to play everything
(or nearly everything) off of their terrific s/t debut from last year. They
tossed in a Leonard Cohen cover (“Everybody Knows”) in the middle and saved
choice cuts like single “Go Outside” and “Oh My God” for the end of the set and
padded the set with Motown-ish tunes like “Bumper” and “Most Wanted”, which
brought plenty of cheers, too. And just when the nearly sold-out crowd was
hoping for an encore they left the stage and never came back out. I didn’t
mind, I heard everything I wanted to and took the long walk back to the car
feeling very satisfied.




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