MP3: Dallas "The Devil Is Rock 'N' Roll"


Dallas shares “The Devil Is Rock ‘N’ Roll” with Blurt readers.

By Blurt Staff


Just in time for summer: Dallas is bringing back glammy, hooky pop metal. If the
mega-overdubbed, choruses of Def Leppard’s Hysteria still do it for ya, you’re
gonna dig this dude. On his new album Over the Edge, Bryan Dallas unironically resurrects the super-slick, catchy anthems of the late-1980s when a zillion Def Lep clones emerged trying to cop Mutt Lange’s songwriting and production techniques.


Here’s a taste of the album: a crunchy track called “Devil Is Rock ‘N’ Roll.” Get out
your Aqua Net and your lighters and create your own pyrotechnics! Or don’t,
’cause that would be stupid and unsafe.




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