More My Bloody Valentine Reissue Details


Glom onto those photos…
being released in the UK
on May 7.


By Fred Mills


American My Bloody Valentine fans who got excited over the
news that classic album Loveless as
well as Isn’t Anything and the
collection EP’s 1988-1991 had been
given a May 7 release date may have overlooked the fine print: those are
UK-only titles being released in Britain via Sony. Here in the
States, the band’s catalog is in the hands of WEA (Sire having release them
originally), and according to our contact at WEA there are no immediate plans
for a domestic reissue program.


Bummer – but a quick visit to can rectify that
if you are the kind of fan who just can’t wait. Loveless in particular looks tasty as a two-CD edition featuring a “DAT
2006 Version” remaster as well as a brand-new remastering job from founder
Kevin Shields. Anyhow, the buzz on the albums is heating up: over at Pitchfork
they have premiered
an unreleased track, “Good For You,” from the EP
collection. And the band has posted a slew of eye-candy images as well to their
Facebook page.


Meanwhile, we at BLURT are camping out down at the street
beside our mailbox until May 8 as we preordered the reissues direct from
England and have it on good authority that Shields himself will be parachuting
down to deliver ‘em personally. Yow!




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