Coachella Live Webstreams Set to Roll…


Countdown to blastoff,
via YouTube…


By Fred Mills


Er, nevermind that faux-hip/hippie fashionista above – it’s
a fantasy conjured up by International
Business Times
a few months ago in a blatant move to driver
Coachella-centric search traffic to its site (“What To Wear to the Festival
This Year,”
a marketing photo essay). You won’t see any hot chicks like that
unless you’re in the VIP backstage area – or at a strip club watching the
ladies work through some peroxide-maned manager’s lame idea of a Woodstock fantasy for his
older boomer clientele in the audience.


What you CAN see this weekend, however, particularly if you
are at home either by dint of geography, finances, or the simple fact that the
dang thing is sold out, is a live webstream from the Cali festival starting at
approximately 3:55 PT, spread across a triptych
of YouTube channels
, and with James (on Channel 1 at 3:55), Givers (Ch. 2,
4:00) and honeyhoney (Ch. 3, 4:10) kicking things off.


Check that link for the hour-by-hour daily schedule this
weekend, and note that a number of must-see artists will, sadly, not be seen
for those of you sitting at home in front of the computer screen. That would
include: Radiohead, the Weeknd, Jeff Mangum, At the Drive-In, Godspeed You!
Black Emperor, Flying Lotus, Feist, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, Death Grips, DJ
Shadow, Girl Talk, AraabMuzik, Kendrick Lamar, SBTRKT, EMA, the Horrors and Atari
Teenage Riot.


Countdown, as of this writing, is approximately 40 minutes. Here’s
the video trailer announcing the webstream:




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