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Say the term “Transverse Temporal Gyrus” ten times
real fast and it’ll be yours!


In March 2010, Animal Collective
and visual artist Danny Perez (director of Oddsac, and the videos:
“Summertime Clothes”, “Who Could Win A Rabbit” &
“You Can Count On Me”) put on a multimedia installation
called “Transverse Temporal Gyrus” at the Guggenheim Museum
in New York City. To expand the reach of the installation Animal Collective
released an exclusive 12inch (Domino) over the weekend for Record Store Day
2012 featuring audio from the installation and this week launched an
interactive website ( to bring the unique
and immersive “Transverse Temporal Gyrus” experience to anyone with
an internet connection.  


Danny Perez explains, “The
website allows people an opportunity to experience “Transverse Temporal
Gyrus” in a unique way. Just as the installation refashioned what a
traditional performance and environment would be, the website reformats these
materials again into something new. Video, audio, and images from that one
evening provide a unique perspective to both people who were there and those
that weren’t.” 


The audio for the
installation was made of individual sounds and songs created by each member
Animal Collective.  Over the course of two, three-hour performances, the
basic tracks were fed into a computer program designed by Stephan Moore that
randomized the track order, and sometimes randomly combined stems from one
track with stems from another.  The program panned the music in various
directions around a 36 channel surround sound system that ran through 36
speakers set up from the top of the Guggenheim’s ramp to the bottom. The
‘”Transverse Temporal Gyrus” website features a free
downloadable  audio player (for both Mac and PC) that recreates the
computer program designed for the Guggenheim installation over 2 stereo
channels.  This will give listeners a new and unique collage each time the
program is run. 


Stephan Moore describes
the sound design and programming:


“The sound score and
installation for “Transverse Temporal Gyrus” was spontaneously
re-created at each performance by rearranging dozens of recorded sounds and
flying them around the Guggenheim
Museum space according to
a set of complex rules.  A graphical representation of the entire
automated decision-making process (the actual computer code written in MaxMSP)
makes up the poster image that accompanies the 12inch release, and the complete
software itself is now available to download as share-alike open-source.
 I wanted to share the software as much for its visual interest as for the
procedural information in the code – I love the way MaxMSP looks. The TTG code
was written very quickly over a three-day period, and much of the haste and
fever of my marathon coding sessions has been preserved in the tangle of patch
cords, idiosyncratic syntax, and quasi-organic piles of code objects.
 Hopefully, the opportunity to explore the underlying software through
these various media, and the ability to reproduce a version of the original
installation at home using the stereo player application, provides some
perspective and insight into the full potential of the overall work.”


Both the 12inch record
and corresponding website aim to bring the “Transverse Temporal
Gyrus” experience to a wider audience, both in their own totally unique
ways. Noted the band’s Geologist, “One of the best things about doing
“Transverse Temporal Gyrus” with Danny was the opportunity to give
the audience at the Guggenheim a unique experience that could never be
recreated.  The only disappointment was the inability to share it with
more people, and this website finally allows us do that in some way, while
ensuring that every individual experience will still remain just as singular
and unique.”





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