Tanlines Unveil New Video


Dig that
Mighty Boosh connection….


Brooklyn, NY’s Tanlines – composed of Eric
Emm (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Jesse Cohen (drums, keyboards, bass) –  released their
highly-anticipated debut Mixed
via True Panther
Sounds yesterday, and have announced that the video for their latest
single “All of Me” will be
premiering on Adult Swim . Check
it out HERE.


The video, which marks the music video directorial debut of UK
comedy legend Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh and was produced by Framestore, will be Tanlines’
second video off of the album (and the first not in 360 degrees). The
collaboration between Barratt and the band was a combination of brazen wishful
thinking and good luck. Tanlines, who are influenced by Barratt, toyed with the
possibility of listing the Mighty Boosh as a creative partner in their liner
notes. Word reached Barratt, who after listening to an early version of the
album realized “All of Me” served as a perfect musical counterpoint
to some of the imagery he was interested in exploring, and an opportunity to
experiment making music videos. So shockingly, he dove in. 



Barratt says, “At the time I wrote the treatment, I was
watching a particular film by Fabrice Du Welz called ‘The Ordeal’ which is a
really good, strange, macabre film with some really interesting movement and
dance bits in that…I’m always trying to do anything between comedy and
horror.  Because you have such a strong flavor with Tanlines’ music, it’s
quite fun to offset that with bleak imagery.”



The video stars the band performing on an old-timey late-night
television show to an elderly crowd jiltedly moving together, doing something
just short of dancing. It is mysterious, funny, macabre and a definite must-see.



In addition, fans can now get an inside look at what went on
behind the scenes by watching the “Making of” footage HERE, which was directed
by Matt Bowron and produced by Richard Carter. 



You can listen to Emm and Cohen talk about the new record on NPR’s Morning Edition HERE and stream the album HERE.



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