Splitsville for Peter Case, Paul Collins


UPDATE: The LA Times has a report on the split that includes this quote from Case originally posted to Facebook: “Collins was continually abusive to the band and others supporting the
tour, and when I stuck up for them, he repeatedly showered me with loud
abuse. That road doesn’t go through anymore. This is a problem that went
back to Day 1 of the tour and never improved for long but got worse.
It’s amazing that we were able to get through as many shows as we
did….The Nerves didn’t work out in the seventies and they couldn’t
now. I wish him well in all things, but we have to be on separate



Musical differences
conspire to kill the joint tour.


By Blurt Staff


We here at BLURT were stunned and saddened to receive the
following press release yesterday:


“Due to unforeseen
circumstances Paul Collins will not be performing any of the remaining shows
with his former bandmate from The Nerves and The Breakaways, Peter Case. Case
cites ‘the usual musical differences’ as the reason for the departure of


Less than a week ago we were in Austin for SXSW, and at one
of our day parties held at the Ginger Man, the Case-Collins band had a packed
venue full of jaws dropping – among them, Peter Buck, Chuck Prophet, Greg
Humphreys and Amy Ray, all of whom had stuck around for the set and were
singing along just as loudly as any of the regular fans to such
Nerves/Beat/Plimsouls gems as “Hanging On the Telephone,” “Don’t Wait Up For Me”
and “Million Miles Away” (the latter with Buck guesting on 12-string). Among
pop aficionados, the pairing of the two erstwhile bandmates was one of the year’s
most anticipated reunion tours.


Still, occasional flashes of tension between the two were
evident in Austin,
such as when they were conferring to determine whose song they’d perform next.
So “the usual musical differences” probably isn’t merely a party line the press
release is spouting.


It goes on thusly:


“The good news is that
Peter Case, along with his touring band of bassist Timm Buechler and drummer
Amos Pitsch, will continue to deliver their own visceral rock & roll
performances for the remaining tour dates in support of The Plimsouls’ recently
released live album Beach Town Confidential. The band will be delivering
high-energy, hook-laden numbers from Peter’s previous bands, The Plimsouls and
The Nerves, such as “A Million Miles Away,” “Zero Hour,”
“Now,” “Hanging On The Telephone,” “One Way
Ticket,” “When You Find Out” and many other favorites that have
been firing up venues and fans alike since the beginning of the tour earlier
this month.”


Good luck to both Case and Collins, and here’s hoping that
they can mend fences and resume the project. Based on the Austin show, the duo definitely has a unique
kind of chemistry – tension notwithstanding.


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