Report: Joy Formidable/APTBS Live in Denver


March 17, while the rest of the explored
word was in Austin, two of the planet’s hippest buzz bands pushed forward into
premiere indie rock venue The Bluebird.

By Tim Hinely


Place to
Bury Strangers’ set was …well, loud; and part of it was played in total
darkness (while the other part was with a strobe going on). A.P.T.B.S. is three
mild-mannered looking guys form NYC who want to try and channel the energy of
My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain (but there’s more going on than
that though, I hear some space rock in there too) and do a pretty damn good job
of it. They played some of their new ep, Onwards to the Wall.  Well-worth checking out.


The Joy
Formidable is a UK buzz band (trio)
with a few folks who used to be in a band called Sidecar Kisses
(vocalist/guitarist Ritzy Bryan and bassist Rhydian Dafydd) and a now newer
drummer, Matt Thomas, who replaced the band’s original drummer.  In addition to the gong and harp on stage the
band set up a very nautical theme including a 10- foot tall lighthouse that sat
on a table on stage (and yes, it was lit up). The bleach-blonde, pixie-ish
Ritzy stormed around the stage, smiled at fans one moment and sneered the next,
crashed into her bandmates (someone once described her as a female Cobain) and
generally seemed like she was having a blast while bassist Dafydd stood solid
n’ steady and Thomas, sitting on the sideways drums (facing the side of his
bandmates) had a crazed smile on his mug most of the night while slamming away
on his kit.


They opened with
“Heavy Abacus” and proceeded to play a good chunk off of their latest, THE BIG
ROAR (including a killer version of “The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade”
and “The Ever Changing Spectrum of a Lie.” They kept
up the high energy for the whole set which included two encores, “Whirring”
(off said record) and a new song called “The Silent Treatment.”  As we critic types like to say, this band has
its chops down. They need to be seen and will most likely be in your town soon.
So go see ‘em.

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