New MP3 from Translator’s Steve Barton

“Please” comes from
the singer/guitarist’s new Projector album.


By Blurt Staff


Very pleased to unveil a brand
new track from Steve Barton, frontman for the mighty Translator, who has a new
solo album out next week.

Steve Barton “Please” by Howlin’ Wuelf Media

Projector was produced by Marvin Etzioni (Lone Justice co-founder)
and was recorded and mixed on tape. This record is made up of songs that Steve
wrote in the immediate aftermath of his dad’s death. “I went over to Marvin’s
house to play him some of the songs that I had written. He set up his 4-track
cassette machine and I started to play. By the end of the night I had played 18
songs. He suggested that we make an album, and that I play all of the
instruments. This was a big departure for me, as I have only made records with
either Translator or with my solo band. I thought about it over a weekend and
decided to say yes. We chose a studio where we could make the album on 2″
reel-to-reel tape. We recorded and mixed in around 5 days.”


has released four solo albums: The Boy
Who Rode His Bike Around The World
, Charm
, Flicker Of Time and Gallery. The band for these albums
consists of Steve on guitar and vocals, Robbie Rist on drums (Robbie is
well-known for having played Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch – plus a long
list of indie music and film work), and bassist Derrick Anderson (he is also
the current bass player for The Bangles). They have been together for several
years and provide the perfect band for Steve’s post-Translator songs.


Translator features Steve
Barton (guitar, vocals), Robert Darlington (guitar, vocals), Larry Dekker
(bass) and Dave Scheff (drums).


[Photo Credit: Greg Papazian]

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