Lykke Li & Friends Launch Record Label


An opportunity for creation, collaboration and compilation.”

By Blurt Staff

They’re calling her INGRID (the URL, however, is and “her” is actually a new record label. “They” are a collective of Swedish musicians, among them Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn and John, Coco Morier, the members of Miike Snow, and the Teddybears. (Via Pitchfork) A press release yesterday read thusly:


“Ingrid was created over numerous cups of pitch black coffee at
Mellqvist’s in Stockholm: a place where tall men, homecoming stars,
sailor boys, toddlers, seekers, and women so beautiful it hurts, come
together to discuss the indifferences of who you are and what you ought
to be…


“Beyond complaints of harsh winters and lack of a real good Mexican
joint, other topics started to swirl around the tables. Isn’t there
more to life than world tours, indie cred and empty pockets? Couldn’t we
be creating straight from the heart right to the people without any
middle hands? Is it not 2012?


“In a heartbeat, Ingrid was created. Consisting of members such as:
Miike Snow, Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn and John, Coco Morier, Jocke Åhlund,
Johanna Beckman, Jonas Torvestig, and Tomas Nordmark, Ingrid plans to
offer a home for the new guard of musicians and artists. The opportunity
for creation, collaboration, and compilation sonically and visually,
Ingrid will provide in an unadulterated space.”



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