dB’s Fan Blog Debuts; New LP for June


Also doing high
profile SXSW shows…


By Fred Mills / Photo by Daniel Coston


As previously announced, the mighty dB’s – Chris Stamey,
Peter Holsapple, Will Rigby, Gene Holder – are up and running again with a new
album set for a June 19 release on Bar/None. Titled Falling Off the Sky, it’s produced by the band along with Mitch
Easter and Scott Litt.


Stamey commented, in a statement, “In some
ways, this feels like the record that we could have made between our first and
second albums. There are, however, fewer angry songs. And more songs about transformation. It’s also the first dB’s album to be recorded primarily
in North Carolina,
which is something that we’re very proud of.”


Added Holsapple, “Our main concern was just to
make a really great dB’s record, one that would stand up beside our best work. Obviously
the songs had to be good and had to fit together, and it had to sound
interesting in a way that would bear repeated listening. But mainly, it was
important to us that we make a record that sounds like us.”


The band will do selected shows behind the
album, including spots at SXSW – you’ll be able to catch ‘em, in fact, at the
BLURT day party
on Friday, March 16.




Meanwhile, an outstanding fan blog dedicated
to the band
recently bowed, The dB’s
Repercussion: Celebrating the Combo That Could, Did & Will Do It Again.
still relatively new, but the entries thus far, including downloads of some
choice shows from 1979 and 1981 plus a 1997 Nick Drake tribute concert
organized by Holsapple, show immense promise.


Rob Field, owner of the unofficial blog, promises weekly updates every
Friday and that the focus will be upon “ROIOs (Recordings of Independent
Origin)… live shows, outtakes, demos. A secondary aspect of the blog (when I
get to it) will be news, reviews and articles about the band. The solo work,
side projects, collaborations, etc., that these guys have done is a compelling
story in itself, and I’d [also] like to tell it using ROIOs.”


He’s encouraging contributions from fans, too.




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