Vid: Laurent’s Hunger Game/Lana Mashup


Can’t wait to see what
she could do with the “Born To Die” video and a slasher flick…


By Fred Mills


Betcha this goes viral by tomorrow. Second City
comedian, writer and actor Holly Laurent
has created a so dumb-it’s-Spinal-Tap-worth-clever
video that mashes up Lana Del Rey and The
Hunger Games


Titled “Lana Del Rey’s ‘Hunger Games’,” the 2 ½ minute clip
utilizes material from the official trailer for the upcoming Hunger Games film, assorted
grainy/scratchy clips intended to bring to mind the grainy/scratchy home-movie
quality of Del Rey’s original “Video Games” video – and Laurent herself, dolled
up to look remarkably like Del Rey in that video, singing new Hunger Games-centric lyrics to the “Video
Games” backing music. You’ve got to be a fan of the book trilogy (we are), and
at least have a passing familiarity with the Del Rey video (we do), in order to
“get it.” But if you do, the payoff is pretty sweet.


Can’t wait for the movie, by the way….




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